An Intro to glow

PHEW! The last couple

of years have been quite a ride, right?

For those of you that received my recent newsletter, I’m going to expand on that and give you some more insights into me, my Glow retreats and some of the Self Care tips that have kept my head above water over the crazy ride of this global pandemic.

So, first off the bat, for those of you that don’t know me, I am Susie HowelI. I’m a Yoga Teacher and Retreat Leader and I live in Ibiza.


I find it a bit difficult to expand on that; not because I don’t have anything to say, or haven’t done anything worth reading about, but I just get the feeling these days that EVERYONE is so busy telling everyone else what they do - what they think, what they believe and how much they have achieved - It gets exhausting, right? Like everyone is doing so much better than you? Uuurggh.. It’s just not me. I still haven’t even managed to do an Insta-Live talking to camera!

As I occasionally, like so many of us, get a dose of ‘Imposter Syndrome’ I don’t like to spend too much time talking myself, or about where I came from, or who I was in a previous life, but if you are curious you can read more here, from the lovely people at White Ibiza who were kind enough to do a nice write-up a few years ago.*Blushes

What I DO like talking about is where I am NOW, what I do NOW, and how I can help you!

Anyway, let’s hang on for a minute and take a moment to honour what we’ve all been through…

We have probably all been feeling these winds of insecurity blowing through our lives and when we look at what we have had to experience as a collective over the past couple years, it's not surprising that we are all riding those emotional waves, often feeling like we are swimming against the current to find the life raft!

The main thing you should know about me is that I always try to be honest.

This has always been my foundation and my approach to teaching.

It’s how I work when you meet me on retreat or become a client.

And it’s how I live my life. I will not sugarcoat and pretend that everything is great in my life everyday.

I don’t live a life in the facade of forced positivity.

Let's keep it real, life can be bloody hard at times - and particularly now. But let’s remind ourselves that the human existence is not about living a perfect life (like much of the rubbish we see all the time on Social Media).

No, it’s not about perfection and in fact perfection doesn't even exist! Our rational mind knows this. So, isn’t it more about HOW you ride those waves. How you navigate your way through your human experience? With some humility and grace and connection?

So since my ‘flat’ feeling time, that I briefly talked about in my (NEWSLETTER) this is what I've

changed. These are the basics - in a nutshell - that helped me, and I hope they can help you too.

* I’m leaning into mundanity. The small stuff of life. Do you tend to focus on BIG events or “I’ll be happy when…(insert own weird thought here)”. I know this has been my pattern. Or can you find joy in the small stuff? The daily rituals that allow us to cultivate contentment and peace, when we are truly living a conscious and present existence. The joy of everyday living. The joy of day-to-day life.

* I've minimised alcohol and sugar. I haven’t given either of those things up completely and neither do I intend to! But re-evaluating that relationship has been an interesting journey in itself. I needed to give myself enough time off to realise that I was ‘reaching’ for that drink to change my state of being. Do you do that? That chocolate or caffeine ‘fix’. Does that resonate? Can you give yourself a break from these stimulants and get curious about what you discover?

* I went and got a health check up. A full-on MOT for my body. I got my bloods checked to see what was really going on in my physiology and with my hormones. It’s good to know where you are at, so you can take ACTION and take some responsibility for your own physical health and wellbeing. If you are low in energy or your hormones are off, can you support your body with dietary nourishment and supplements, to bring your ZING back?

* Which leads nicely into this one. I’ve changed my diet. I LOVE vegetables, I really do. But I also know that I can be inherently a little bit lazy too. I know I was reaching for the fast carbs and telling myself that I was busy. I’m a working mum…blah blah - the internal dialogue was pretty priceless. And often it can be a case of The Chicken and The Egg - you feel rubbish, so you eat rubbish and eating rubbish makes you feel rubbish. So I am making sure to have loads more fresh fruit and veg and salad in my diet since the excesses of Xmas, and do you know what? It actually works! I feel much more energised and less bloated. It does take more effort, but I can enjoy preparing a meal when I carve out the time for self-nourishment in my day. The hypnotic chopping as I breathe and the mindful slow movements feel good - and nourishing!

* Now this is a BIG one. I've made space for my own practice EVERY DAY!

“But she’s a yoga teacher!” I hear you cry! I can guarantee that many yoga teachers have fallen foul to this over their time too - disconnecting from their daily physical and spiritual practice, in favour of teaching as part of their business.

For me, teaching a client is VERY different from my own personal practice. When I am teaching a client, either One-To-One, or on Zoom, or in person, what I teach is for them - as it should be!

I am teaching what they need, what they want and - to be honest - what they are paying for!

Their time is NOT my own practice.

I have learned very clearly, over many years of teaching, that nothing can be used as a reason to skip your own, very personal practice.

I HAVE TO grow my own practice to be able to have the honour of teaching others,

* I’ve come back to my centre. I feel strong! CORE work has always been my thing, but it’s easy to abandon your centre both on and off the mat! Plugging back in and creating a strong foundation - it’s the basic yogic principles. It’s so true that when things change inside you, things change around you. Watch how your practise and ritual seeps into your life in so many positive ways when you commit to it. I’d love to hear from you.

* Can you slow down and soften? Can you be kind? Both to yourself and to others?

This begins with the internal dialogue; planning less, being more. Moving more slowly and taking the time to ground and breathe - is this something you can bring more of into your life?

I hope this has given you some inspiration! You can connect with me personally on all things Yoga & Wellness related.

I offer Wellness Coaching and curated One-to-One Yoga teaching,

If you’d like to go deeper, join me either on Zoom or in person on one of our stunning GLOW retreats (insert link).

And I stand by my philosophy that a retreat shouldn’t necessarily be a ‘rescue remedy’ that you come to when you have hit the ‘EMPTY’ scale on your dial….

We’re here for you - Let’s keep Glowing!

Lots of Love and peace of mind

Susie x